I am Garry.

I love marketing.

And I have major beef with marketing industry publications.

A Bit About Me:

I am Scottish, lost in England.

I have held lots of marketing positions including:
- As a freelancer, working with large corporates.

- As a contract member of staff, marketing for large events and festivals.

- As a full time member of staff, running a marketing department.

Because of the different industries I have worked across, I am always looking for inspiration and "what others in the industry" are doing.

This does not really exist, unless you want to read about Coke.
A History:

Hi Social is just getting started

Started Writing
March 2020
I was bored during the government lockdown, and wanted to start a new project. Hi Social was an idea I had for a while, so I decided to give it a go.
Reached 500 Members
April 2020
Crazy, but within the first month, Hi Social reached 500 members. This was mainly from bothering people on LinkedIn and Instagram, and asking them to subscribe.
Website Launched
October 2020
Here we are now. Who knows what the future will hold for Hi Social. I just knew that I needed to update the website and make the case studies readable on more platforms.