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A small business Christmas campaign that works

Large corporates spend lots of money on Christmas campaigns. How can small businesses play? This ad and case study shows how.

👋 Introduction

Cold evenings, jumpers and a mammoth of a holiday is coming up soon.

Is it sad to admit that I have a certain Mariah Carey song on?

This week’s case study has jingle bells on.

Here's my issue: big brands are good at selling Christmas. Small businesses struggle.

They do not have millions to spend on a slick marketing campaign.

Or do they?

📢 Meet The Small Business

Meet Hafod Hardware, a small hardware shop in Wales. They sell all sorts of things like veggies, hiking boots and pocket knives to name a few.

The shop has been open since 1895 and is based in an area of Wales that is a popular tourist destination for walkers and hikers.

The town where the shop is based is called Rhayader. Perhaps some of my Welsh readers will tell me how this is pronounced. They are a small town with a population of around 2000.

They do not sell online, only in-store.

🎄 A Christmas Ad?

Yes, Haford Hardware wanted to get in on the Christmas ad bandwagon.

They filmed a budget version of a typical “John Lewis Ad” which focused on two year old Arthur, the real shop owner’s son.

He is working away in the shop as a budding shop manager: keeping the shop clean, wrapping presents and serving customers. In the ad, you see Arthur’s dad, grandfather and great-grandfather.

The shop owner had help from his film maker friend to put it together into a 2 minute long ad, and it cost only £100 to put together.

The ad was released at the start of December last year.

📹 Let Me See It:

🤔 What Happened Next?

Well, people shared it. It is cute and adorable.

Since launching last Christmas time, the video has had 2.6m views on YouTube and been covered in a range of national press.

I’m sure it drew traffic to this brick and mortar store last Christmas.

🚨 Takeaways

Christmas can be celebrated by any business. Most people do not associate Christmas with a hardware store.

Can you create a budget Christmas ad for your clients?

Here are the benefits:

  1. Could lead to regional or national press coverage.
  2. Encourage visits to a website.
  3. Encourage visits to a brick and mortar store.
  4. Increase followers on social media.
  5. Use it for social media ads.

Now is the time to be planning for Christmas if you haven’t already. Can you pitch your clients a Christmas campaign or run a Christmas campaign for the business you work at?

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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