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Content Creation for a small beauty brand

This is another post from a Hi Social member about content creation for a make up brand.

👋 Introduction

Today we have a case study from Catching Creatives, a small marketing agency based in Essex. This case study was submitted by Kelsey from Catching Creatives.

It focuses on a US skincare and beauty business Marriah Jones Beauty.

This campaign focuses on content creation and how to grow an audience from scratch.

I believe that sometimes content creation is overlooked in favour of fancy ad campaigns (which I love), but the content is the backbone of any social media account. Without it, you cannot create strong ad campaigns.


📣 Meet The Small Business:

The client is a start-up skincare and beauty business based in Maryland, USA. Below is the company owner, Riah.

The brand was launched to empower women, to make them feel beautiful with their beauty products. The company believes their products could be used by everyone.

This business has just recently launched and is trying to find clients via social media.

Growing an audience from scratch is hard, especially in the highly competitive beauty market.

✍️ The Brief:

The client contacted Catching Creatives to grow their followers and engagement in their posts on Instagram.

The reason for doing this was to start building up an organic following on Instagram to convert these followers into customers.

The business owner had no experience with creating engaging content for social media, and so she outsourced this to Catching Creatives.

The project was a 3-month trial, and the agency is currently one month into the trial.


💋 Examples

Catching Creatives produced different social media posts for the client, showing off their products and growing a beauty community.

Below are some examples of the types of content they posted.

🚨 The Results:

In the first month, the content reached over 10,800 people and increased followers by 13%. These are excellent results for a one month trial without spending on ads, and a good example of what this small agency could do long term for the business.

Catching Creatives also educated the business owner on the importance of creating relevant and eye-catching content for their Instagram feed.

Educating the business owner is so important and sometimes overlooked. Business owners can equally often overlook the importance of social media, and it is a second thought.

I know I have had several clients who I have had to convince about the importance of social media to their business and how it could make or break their company.

As well as creating and posting content, the agency updated the client's bio and handle to increase search chances in their niche. They also produced highlight covers for Instagram Stories to make the page look more professional.


🙎‍♀️ Takeaways From Catching Creatives:

The key takeaways from working with this client are that freelancers and small agency owners need to be patient.

Businesses owners need your help but might not necessarily understand the work you do, so you have to break this down for them and explain every step.

With this particular client, the agency wanted to add in some extra pieces of work to help ensure the client re-signs the contract at the end of the first month.


📬 Takeaways From Garry:

Content is important.

Business owners should invest in it.

Do not be embarrassed to charge for it. It is an essential service, and if it is something that you excel at and the business owner is rubbish at, you are providing them with a useful service.

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