Conversion retargeting Facebook ads for a taxi company

This is case study about work I have done for a client with Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads.

👋 Introduction

This week I’ve decided to share some of my own work.

I work at an agency called Switchplane, which is a custom software company based in Eastbourne.

Switchplane builds different software for clients across the UK, and I have supported some of these clients with their marketing work.

This is a case study on an airport transfers company, which offers private transfers from customers’ homes to London airports. The case study focuses on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

📣 Meet The Small Business:

British Airport Transfers is an airport car booking service based in London. They provide their customers with a friendly and reliable service, and the company has grown to become one of the largest independent taxi firms in London.

British Airport Transfers is not a conglomerate. The company was established by a Sri Lankan immigrant from scratch and he has built the company up over time into a strong medium-sized business.

🥴 The Problem:

The business owner, Victor, self-taught himself Google Ads and is really knowledgeable about them. He spends between £30,000-£40,000 per month. Google Ads are extremely important to his business model.

However, they are also ridiculously expensive. The cost per conversion is high and there is steep competition from larger brands such as Addison Lee and Uber.

I spoke with Victor about his business and got to know the company more before offering my services.

🥳 The Solution:

I recommended setting up a Facebook Ads retargeting campaign, focusing on people who had already visited his website and had begun to fill in a quote, but had not checked out and completed the process.

I had previously run this style of campaign for multiple other “product” businesses, but I was unsure how it would work with a service business.

I knew that the cost per conversion would be extremely cheaper than with Google Ads and therefore suggested a starting budget of £500 for a one month trial.

With help from Switchplane’s in-house graphic designer, content was designed for the ad.

Facebook Pixel was installed on the British Airport Transfers website and custom conversions were set up in Facebook Ads Manager for the campaign to track.

The first results were promising, but I didn’t want to get too excited until the full one month trial was up.

🚨 The Results:

After the one month trial, I reviewed the results.

The campaign on Facebook Ads delivered an additional 220 sales to my client, at a cost per conversion of £2.27.

This £500 trial made the client £15,840 in average sales.

This was a fantastic result (if I don’t say so myself!), and much better value than what Google Ads could achieve for the same budget.

Based on the results of the trial, I encouraged the client to double their Facebook ad spend to £1000 for the second month and I would monitor to see if sales doubled.

They did...and then some!

🤐 Clients Are Dubious!

It takes some time to win over clients. Instead of telling them what you are going to do for them, actually do it.

This piece of advice has always helped me and, as marketing professionals, we sometimes have a tendency to talk a lot.

This client is extremely results orientated and by proving myself to him after this one month trial, he had a lot more trust in the new campaigns and projects I would go on to present.

📬 Takeaways:

If your client is running Google Ads without Facebook and Instagram conversion ads, they are spending too much money and wasting a warm audience.

Conversion ads are everywhere, and I would recommend you either learn more about them or offer these services to your client.

The pic above is myself and my partner, getting out and about in the local area.

I wanted to include my own case study in this newsletter so you, as the reader, can understand some of my experiences within the industry and how I have also worked with smaller businesses.

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