Copywriting on accountant's websites: the good, the bad and the ugly

I struggle with accountants and think they are really boring. This case study looks at the copy on their website, and how some accountants make their copy and message stand out.

👋 Introduction

I may be wrong, but I put accountants in the bracket of a necessary evil. They are not sexy or cool but they need to exist. Also in this imaginary category are estate agents.

I think every business owner has a horror story about a rubbish accountant, but that could be said about marketing professionals too.

Anyway, accountants. They are a good market for freelance marketing pros, and lots can be learned if you come across a good one.

Fortunately, I have. This is not a traditional Hi Social case study, but more of a comparison on website copy.

📢 Meet The Small Business

Crunch Accounting are a company based in Brighton which launched in 2009. They started as a small regional business, and are now one of the fastest growing online accounting firms, with over 170 staff servicing 7000 clients.

This case study will on copywriting for websites.

As a potential customer, I visited Crunch’s website and instantly trusted them. I also instantly "got" what they are about. I will breakdown why.

🚫 Acknowledging The Problem

As I stated at the start of this email, the problem with accountants is their image. People find them boring and tend to hate them. Well, if you head over to the Crunch website, they acknowledge this problem immediately. It is the first thing you see on their website.

As a potential customer, their website tells me instantly that they understands their audience and my problem.

They also promote that they are "refreshingly simple". From speaking to different company owners, I know lots hate their accountant.

Some accountants have complicated procedures and “ways of doing things”, which tend to be expensive. Crunch removes this.

Copy on websites is very important, and often overlooked by marketing professionals. I know it is something I have overlooked in the past. You could plan an out of this world marketing campaign for your client, but if their website is shit, the customer will not convert.

🔥 Competitors

If we compare Crunch's website to other local accountants, the difference is paramount.

This is a local accountant near me, and the highlighted parts are me trying to find out what their core message is.

From the screenshot, it looks like:


That may be enough for certain types of customers, but for me, it’s not good enough.

Here is another.

Again, not one clear message. When I visit Crunch Accountants, I know they understand my problem as the customer and that they are simple to use.

Website copy is dramatically overlooked. But it does make a difference with customers.

Perhaps if you are a freelancer or agency, you can review your client’s websites to see if there is clear messaging.

If you are a marketing pro at a small business, look at your own company website.

Does it communicate clearly, without jargon what you do and who you can help?

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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