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Email marketing comms for an online butcher

In this case study, I look at the different types of email comms that an online butcher sends. PS: They are good.

👋 Introduction

This week’s Hi Social contains meat, sorry veggies and vegans. There are lots to be learned here, regardless of your eating habits.

Some background: I am a proud Scottish man currently lost in England, in a town called Hastings.

I have cravings from time to time for Scottish food, one of them being square sausage. It’s basically a sausage that is flat and square. They are beautiful in a fresh crusty roll with HP sauce.

Anyway, enough about my poor eating habits. The company featuring in this edition of Hi Social is an online butcher shop. The case study is about their email marketing strategy.

🥩 Meat (I'm A Joker) The Small Business:

Introducing Campbell’s Butchers.

They are a family-run small business and according to their website, “The Campbells story started over 100 years ago when a young Thomas Campbell took up his craft as a butcher in 1910”, which is a beautiful marketing story.

They have a timeline of the business on their website starting in 1910 and continuing to the present day.

In a nutshell, the sell meat online. I found them through Google when I wanted to buy square sausage. They ship all over the UK and offer a range of products.

The reason I chose to order with them in the first instance was that:

  1. I wanted Scottish products.
  2. I wanted to support a small Scottish family business.

I will show you different types of email marketing comms I have received from them for different occasions, and why they work.

What I like about Campbells is that they treat their business like a traditional ecommerce company.

Yes, they sell meat. But they operate like a large scale ecommerce business, and there is a lot that can be learned from this.

📸 Email Type 1: Food Porn

Now, this is clickbait that works.

The image is beautiful, they are promoting an item with a limited sale and the CTA is great. The button does not say BUY ME NOW but SEE WHAT’S INSIDE.

This ultimately made me click the link, and get one step closer to buying the product by being on their website.

I sadly forwarded this email to my partner who replied saying, “Buy this now”. He is very susceptible to marketing.

📖 Email Type 2: Background

This campaign shows their customers where their food comes from, a huge trend on focusing on the origin of your food.

It also answers any questions customers could have about purchasing from Campbell’s, making the customer ultimately trust the company more.

🐮 Email Type 3: Seasonal

I receive emails about meat for every holiday occasion. Campbell’s are great at seasonal marketing.

Mother’s Day = check

Easter = check

Father’s Day = check

Summer BBQs = check

Halloween = check

Black Friday = check

Requirements for this step: Google Ads strategy; Facebook page and ad account + strategy; SEO strategy for driving organic traffic.

Christmas = check

New Year = check

Burns Night = check

They treat their email marketing similar to a big supermarket.

❤️ What I Love

I am a repeat customer of Campbell’s because of their email marketing.

I started by buying one product that I was craving. Then they turned me into a regular customer with their good and timely email comms.

I think lots of small businesses overlook email marketing, focusing on social instead.

What I love about email marketing is that the small business owns the audience.

You are not held hostage like you are on social media. You do not need to pay to access your audience.

Requirements for this step: Email copywriting; HubSpot's email marketing tools.

📭 Takeaways

If you work with a family business that has been around for a long time, show off the heritage. People want to see who they are buying from.

Email marketing works for lots of different businesses, not just meat. If you work with ANY type of ecommerce client, or the small business you work at sells online, you need an email marketing strategy.

Sending a monthly newsletter to your whole audience is not good enough. Work on segmenting your audience, and test the different types of campaigns you can send to the businesses’ customers.

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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