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Email Marketing on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for small businesses, but how good are Etsy businesses at email marketing?

👋 Introduction:

Hey, and welcome to another edition of Hi Social. This case study looks at Etsy, and face masks, which have been a very big thing this year.

I was visiting the US in October this year, and before I travelled I made my way over to Etsy to order different facemasks.

British Airways had advised us to bring enough face masks to change them “every 4 hours”. I wanted some fun face masks coverings, so I hit up Etsy.

😷 Face Masks Are Big Business:

Etsy has become the go-to marketplace for homemade face coverings.

The company reported their earnings in August, and through the platform, they have sold 29 million face masks with $346 million in their second quarter.

That’s a lot of masks.

Etsy is great for small businesses, who do not want the hassle of setting up an online shop, finding an audience dealing with tech.

They just have to add their products and give Etsy a cut of the sale.

Meet Meghan, from Rosemarine Textiles.

Running her Etsy store is her full-time job, and her store sells plant-dyed home goods, decor and accessories that are all made in-house using sustainable production methods in her Detroit studio.

Pre-pandemic, her cotton gauze bandanas were the best sellers. She started making face coverings in early March after there was a huge demand.

She has sold hundreds of face coverings through Etsy’s platform.

They are handmade with fabric scraps, and she is on average charging $18 per mask.

🕯 Another Etsy Customer:

A friend of mine sells candles on Etsy. She lost her job in the pandemic, and started to create and sell Scottish themed candles and wax melts.

She loves using Etsy. I was talking to her a few weeks back and mentioned to her about investing in email marketing.

My logic is this: She has customers who have bought candles from her before.

A way to encourage repeat business is having a small email newsletter of your current customers, and encouraging them to buy again, or check the other products that they have in their range.

Etsy offers an email marketing platform to their members, but how many of them utilise it?

🥡 Takeaways:

This is small case study, yeah, but very important.

If you work with a client who sells consumer products, do they upsell after purchase? Or does the customer never hear from you again?

You could be missing a trick.

I did not receive any follow-up emails from the different mask creators that I bought from on Etsy showing off the other products they offer. I have not heard from them.

This also works for any type of business. If you sell B2B services, do you have a follow up remarketing strategy to continue to sell to current customers.

It is cheaper for a business to remarket than acquire new customers.

And if you want to support my mate's candle business, you can check it out here.

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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