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Harry Potter social media content, for a small business

Harry Potter is a huge international brand, so how does one small business take advance of selling Harry Potter products?

👋 Introduction:

In this edition of Hi Social, I have something rather interesting. One could say magical.

This case study focuses on an internal entertainment brand - Harry Potter.

But who cares what big international brands are doing right? Well, one small business in Brighton does.

📣 Meet The Small Business:

Enter Oliver’s Brighton. For Harry Potter fans, that’s Oliver’s, not Ollivanders.

They are a small retail store in Brighton on the South Coast of England. They are a glorified gift shop for Harry Potter fans.What sets them apart is their brand and the experience that they offer customers who visit their store.

What this case study will focus on is the different types of social media content they post when piggybacking off an international brand.

🍉 The Stats:

Oliver’s has over 13,000 likes on the company’s Facebook page and over 26,000 followers on Instagram.

They post a range of different content which I will include below. I will break down each piece of content and why it is something you should include in your content plan for clients.

✍️ Content Type 1: Reviews

If your clients use a reviewing platform such as Google Reviews, Facebook or Trustpilot, then you should utilise this free content.

Oliver’s have just screenshotted the review and posted it on their Instagram. You could brand these reviews or testimonials and they would look better on your grid.

By posting them, it encourages others to visit and have the same experience that Rachel has had. It will also encourage customers to check out the butterscotch ice cream too.

This is very basic, but I wanted to cover it in case you are missing it from your content plan.

🌅 Content Type 2: Location Pics

Going to Oliver’s in Brighton is an experience. That’s what sets it apart from an online shop. You get to see and touch and taste things.

And Harry Potter fans love it. I know first hand that Harry Potter fans will pay ridiculous amounts of money for any type of “experience”.

Oliver’s knows this too, and by showing off their exterior, it reminds customers that they have a physical location and are not another online store.

The exterior is also pretty and makes for a good photo.

🍾 Content Type 3: Products

This is a Harry Potter-inspired drink that Oliver’s sells. Pretty cool right?

Again, by posting images like this, it reminds the customer (or me) of the experience of visiting the store and the cool products that they offer.

Their Instagram does not scream BUY ME it just says, “We have these available."

🙃 Content Type 4: Personality

The man behind the brand.

This is Oliver. He is a huge Harry Potter fan and the business owner of Oliver’s Brighton. Oliver posts photos of himself on the company’s Instagram page to show authenticity.

This photo is himself visiting the Harry Potter theme park in the US.

Do you show off the people behind the business in your client’s social media?

💫 Content Type 5: Nostalgia

Nostalgia posts work.

This image shows the business owner heading to Durham Cathedral, where some of the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

This content is gold dust for his audience, they will instantly recognise it and engage with the post. You can see this from the number of likes.

Are you including flashback or nostalgia posts in your content plan?

🤑 Content Type 6: Competition

Finally competitions. Marketers are divided on competitions. Some love them, some hate them.

Oliver’s uses competitions to drive traffic to different pages, and in the example above, I think it works.

He is not giving away an iPhone, which is generic enough that lots of people will apply.

He is giving away Hagrid’s Umbrella. (Which I never thought I would write in Hi Social). This is a specific prize that it would only appeal to an audience who is interested in Harry Potter, and so by running this competition it is a way to increase his audience. If you are running competitions, make it relevant to your client’s business.

📬 Takeaway:

Review the content you are posting on your client’s social media and make sure it is not just one type of content.

It should cover multiple things!

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