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How To Advertise Taboo Content on Instagram - Part 1

This case study looks at how a local council in the UK advertises home testing kits for STIs. Interesting right?

👋 Introduction

Welcome back to another week of Hi Social!

This week's edition focuses on something that caught my attention on Instagram Stories.

It was my County Council (East Sussex) advertising to me. I found this interesting for a number of reasons.

Firstly: It’s so weird when a council advertises to their minions, I mean constituents.

Secondly: The content they were promoting is very interesting.

The content was:

STIs - Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Yes, they are of course still a thing, and they still exist and it falls under the County Council's remit to address it.

What I love about this case study (well, part of it) is the creative content that a usually stuffy organisation is using the communicate their message.

I am trying to wrangle an interview with the digital team at East Sussex County Council to see how the ad is going.

That will (hopefully) be coming next week.

So, here’s the first part.

🥁 Meet The Organisation:

They are East Sussex County Council. For American readers, a County Council is a local government organisation who deal with issues such as education, transport, AND PARKING. LOTS OF PARKING.

They also deal with Sexually Transmitted Infections. Pre-Covid, they offered walk in clinics where a member of the public could get tested, for free. (A weird concept for Americans).

They have now had to pivot their offering to delivered tests.

🎯 Who Are They Targeting?

Me. Basically.

Well, they are offering the ad on Facebook and Instagram, and running two different ads saying the same thing.

I guess I am being targeted because I am in my 20’s and live within their radius.

What I found interesting is the two types of ads they are running.

The only difference I can see in these ads are the style and colour of the animated underwear in the image.

I think, rightly or wrongly, that the orange underwear ad is targeting women and the purple/blue underwear is targeting men. This is the ad I received.

👵 Old People Get Infections?

So after investigating the Council’s Ad profile on Facebook, I can see that they are also running ads for over 45’s. Take a look at these beauties.

The peach is my personal favourite, and I want to know who signed that off at the Council. I think it is great, but it shocks me a little that a local council would use an image like that.

Here’s what I want to know, in true Hi Social style:

  • Have the ads been successful?
  • What is the targeting they have on the ads?
  • How are they measuring results?

Is there anything you would like to know? Reply to this email and let me know.

Next week, I will have Part 2.

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