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Instagram strategy for a seaside bar and restaurant

This is one of my favourite case studies. This case study looks at a local seaside bar and restaurant, and their social media strategy.

👋 Introduction

This week’s Hi Social focuses on a social media strategy for a restaurant and bar.

There are loads of bars and restaurants around the UK and some of you freelancers most likely have had some experience with this industry.

I partook in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, going to a local restaurant on Monday. And it was ridiculously busy. I don’t think I have ever seen my town so busy on Monday evening!

🍦 Meet The Small Business:

Meet Goat Ledge.

They are a small restaurant and bar in Hastings, based on the beach. They offer a small food menu, handmade ice creams and a range of drinks.

Their business is very weather dependent, being based directly on the beach.

I will talk you through their social media strategy, which focuses on Instagram.

🏖 The Strategy:

Goat Ledge are not really selling food or drinks.

They are unique because of the location. There are not many places selling food or drink on the beach, and this is their USP.

Their whole social media strategy is focused around showing off this USP.

Customers can have some wonderful food and drinks whilst sitting by the beach.

Their brand is also unique, and every social media post ties into this brand.

They did not pay a branding agency in London to design it for them. It is homemade. Like everything they offer.

☀️ Examples of Posts:

🤣 Funny Posts:

People visit Goat Ledge because of the location. Yes, their food and drinks are great, and they are very good at supporting local businesses.

If Goat Ledge was in another location, they would just be like any other small restaurant. They are amazing because of their location.

They also support the local economy, with posts like this:

The product they are selling is fresh fish. So they show off where it comes from. It is not frozen from abroad, it is caught by local fisherman.

📬 Takeaways:

Think about what is your USP as a freelancer or agency.

Think about what is the USP for each of your clients.

Your clients will most likely have competition, but why do customers choose your clients over the competitors?

Then, make sure the social media accounts reflect this. Your whole social media strategy should be focused on this.

Because it works. Every time I see a post from Goat Ledge on Instagram, I want to visit.

This strategy can be applied to any of your clients. Here are some examples and things to think about.


Why should customers picks a certain videographer pick over the thousands of others? Is it your experience in a particular industry? Is it the person behind the brand?


I am currently buying a house. Picking a solicitor is difficult. There are lots of options locally. What made me decide was both a personal recommendation and the solicitors focus on helping first-time buyers.

Their social media content focused on this, so I chose them. They understood their own USP and how they could help me, their customer.

These are just two examples, but this applies to any business.

Have a think this week, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to drop me an email!

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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