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Running an influencer campaign is not good enough

If you are a celebrity running a Christmas Jumper business, having influencer friends is great. But your marketing strategy is missing lots.

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I am writing this ecstatic with the result of the American election. I know everyone here has their own political leanings and beliefs, but as someone married to a US citizen, I am excited to see what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bring to the table.

So what I am going to talk about today?

Well, Christmas. And a BBC Radio 1 DJ.

🎄 Meet The Small Business:

They are technically a small business, co-owned by a Radio 1 DJ. They are called The Christmas Jumper and sell, well, Christmas jumpers.

The company’s tagline is: “The christmas jumper, for when you're feeling festive but not THAT festive.”

They produce jumpers like this:

I love the simple design, and it is a new take a Christmas jumper.

Christmas jumpers are big business, with over 12 million sold each year in the UK alone. They range from the ridiculous with lights and baubles attached to movie-inspired (some favourites being Home Alone & Star Wars).

I bought one of The Christmas Jumper Company’s jumpers a few years ago before I know the company’s origin.

Anyway, The Christmas Jumper Company. They offer a range of different jumper colours and sell for around £20.

🤔 Who Owns The Company?

I noticed that this year, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills posted regularly about the company on his Instagram to his 300K+ followers.

For those of you who do not know, Scott Mills love Christmas. He is the DJ on Radio 1 to “officially” welcome in Christmas to the radio station and makes a big deal about every year.

When I first saw Scott posting about the company, I thought it was just a great brand collaboration.

I then noticed how often he posted about it.

He was posting too regularly for it to be sponsored content. After a bit of digging online, I found that The Christmas Jumper Company is run by Scott, and his partner Sam. That is why he posts about it so regularly.

The company’s social media strategy focuses wholeheartedly on influencers. From what it looks like, and I could be wrong, Scott sends his celeb mates in the UK one of the jumpers, and they post about it on their social media.

👏 Influencers Include:

Emily Atack, with 1.7m followers.
Alison Hammond, with 700K+ followers.
Chris Stark, with 300K+ followers.

If you are an American reader, they are media personalities in the UK.

🤟 The Strategy:

Influencers. That’s basically it. From everything I can find online, this company is solely relying on influencers to share their product.

And I think they are missing a huge opportunity.

The Christmas Jumper Company will have a huge amount of traffic to their website from the influencers. But how many customers are they converting?

👀 They Are Missing Out:

If I were to advise The Christmas Jumper Company, the first thing I would recommend is conversion ads. The social media platform they focus on is Instagram, and so I would run Instagram conversion ads to complete sales.

These ads would run for a limited time from November to mid-December. This seems like a no brainer to me. Perhaps the company is just a side business, and they do not want to start placing ads on social media. I get it. It just seems a wasted opportunity.

The Christmas Jumper Company is an extremely seasonal business, most likely only trading for 6-8 weeks throughout the year. I would want to capitalise on this selling period.

Let’s take another Christmas Jumper company, Tipsy Elves. They are running a range of Facebook and Instagram Ads to convert their audience.

📭 Big Massive Takeaway:

Don’t half-arse running a campaign for an ecommerce company, especially at Christmas. If you are running any type of Christmas campaign for your own company, or client, suggest running retargeting conversion ads.

It doesn’t matter the platform: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. Take your pick.

But don’t run an influencer campaign without focusing on what truly matters: the sales and the conversions.

Now I am not slagging off The Christmas Jumper company, they just need to up their game a little. As a company, they have one clear advantage over a typical small business, they are owned by a celebrity who has loads of celebrity friends.

Not every small business starts with this advance, and I have seen better marketing campaigns from small businesses who can do the same thing.

  1. Reach out to influencers.
  2. Run retargeting conversion ads.
  3. Run email marketing campaigns to encourage repeat business.

Perhaps they are an ideal client for a reader of Hi Social?

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