Selling Houses on TikTok

I spoke to TikToker Toby about how he sells houses on TikTok. Read more about his strategy and the types of content he posts.

👋 Introduction:

Welcome to the last case study of 2020 for Hi Social. 

This week is something really interesting. I spoke to a popular TikToker, which was quite exciting. 

I wanted to understand their content, and how TikTok has helped their business. 

So here we go. 

🏠 Meet Toby Albert-Corban:

Or more commonly known as @LondonRealEstate on TikTok

Toby is an independent estate agent in London. And he is a big deal on TikTok.

He currently has over 90,000 followers on the platform, and his videos have received just short of 1m likes. 

I spoke to Toby about TikTok, and have some bits to share with you. 

👀 When Did This Begin?

Toby started playing on TikTok at the start of the UK lockdown in March 2020. Selling properties was difficult during this period, as nothing in the market was moving. Toby wanted to market himself and the properties he was offering, and so focused on producing video content. 

Toby says, “At first I thought it (TikTok) was a joke. I had been on it a few times, but it wasn’t really for me.” 

He began to look into what US property brokers were doing and saw the types of content they were producing. He used their content as inspiration and began to create his own. 

His TikTok channel was created to showcase his own personal brand, as well as showing off the properties he is selling. 

“People think there’s only a young demographic on the app. This is just not true. There are plenty of older people, over 35’s, 45+, that are using the app and I have seen some good success from using TikTok.” 

One of the properties he posted on TikTok is now under offer and will be sold next month. Who knew you could sell a house on TikTok. 

💌 What Content?

The first video Toby posted was a video about: What can 1.2m get you for property in London?

That first video got just under 27,000 views. Not bad. 

His second video went viral. The property he was selling had the same interior designer as Kayne West, and so that was naturally the focus on the video. The video has had over 1m views. 


Would you hire Kanye Wests’s Interior Designer ? Check out his work #Hampstead #realestate #onewayplease #idunno #luxuryrealestate

♬ Go Go Go Who's Next? - Hip Hop Harry

Toby said, “At that moment, I thought, Wow, this app actually works”. 

Toby tried loads of different content and continues to experiment with the content he produces.

🎯 What were the results?

Well, a 60% increase in direct traffic to his website is not a bad start. That is excluding ads, Toby focused on organic content to drive traffic. 

As well as traffic to his website, Toby also receives lots of DM’s on Instagram about the properties he is advertising. His Instagram account is linked to his TikTok profile.

👩 Who is his audience?

TikTok has announced that their largest demographic is 20-29, which is a great audience for the rental property market: Young professionals in London looking to rent. 

Toby reckons that his audience who are 27 years old and older are in the category for first-time buyers, which is another demographic he can help service. 

📹 Enter Corban Media:

Toby set up Corban Media with his brother Phillip. The company was set up to create a modern and efficient way for startup founders to create and market content effectively. 

Toby was the use case. As an independent estate agent, he is working in an extremely large industry and has a huge amount of competition. The challenge was to find a way to distinguish himself from all the other agents out there.

Corban Media offer the services to all industries but specialise in independent real estate agents, and focus on video content.

The style of the content that Corban Media produce is engaging and well crafted with the viewer in mind. They create content that stands out because of the creativity and format. 

🎵 How often does Toby post on TikTok?

Every week Toby posts at least 2 pieces of content to be consistent. 

He has different themes when he posts like: 

Inside A..

📬 Takeaways:

Toby recommends you to take action now if you want to get into TikTok. 

“The biggest benefit of TikTok is that it is raw. The organic reach is huge, compared to older social media platforms.” 

He recommends to produce content daily and take advantage of the organic reach that TikTok has right now. It is essentially a way for small businesses to get in front of their customers, for free. 

Keep the content short, and don’t overthink it. 

He also recommends producing content with your customer in mind. It is not about how you look, but about what your audience think of the content. 

October 10, 2020
Garry James
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