Small Businesses on TikTok - Part 1

I love TikTok. And so do other small businesses. Here are a few who are using TikTok to help with their marketing.

👋 Introduction:

We have made it through another week! Well done! I launched Hi Social at the start of the government lockdown. One way I have been filling my time is with TikTok, like every other person in the UK.

I love the variety of content, from dance challenges to seeing embarrassing parents, and it seems since lockdown started, the number of people using it has surged.

Are you using TikTok?

To be honest, I do not have an account, I just love to view the content. I am not yet at the stage where I want to create content.

Some small businesses are though. Instead of a case study this week, I thought I would share my findings from looking at small companies on TikTok and what they are doing, and there will be a little bit of me trying to guess the strategy they are taking.

Hopefully, this is relevant and will give you some ideas for the future.

📣 TikTok's Audience:  

GlobalWebIndex did some research in 2019 looking at the age of people who use TikTok. They found that 41% of users are between 16-24.

That was in 2019. As you very well know, social media platforms change regularly and the types of people who use them change repeatedly.

Now, I have no data to back this up, but I believe that throughout the coronavirus pandemic and 2020, the types of people who use TikTok has changed slightly. I know from 30 minutes of swiping per day that there are different age groups visible on the platform.

Kids and teenagers are still definitely using it. But so are parents, professionals, and grandmas. The high celebrity presence and ability to share TikTok-created videos on other social media also encourages users to try this new platform.

All I am saying is: don’t cast aside TikTok because of the perception that it is for young people. That’s how Instagram started, and how many over 50s are now using it daily?

✍️ An Illustrator:

The first business I came across on TikTok is Lux and Trip.

Lux and Trip is run by Kirsten, who is an illustrator based in the US (Rhode Island, if you are interested).

Her website sells “illustrations and paper goods”, which includes greetings cards, prints and stickers. On her website, she lists Facebook and Instagram accounts.

On Facebook, she has 298 likes.

On Instagram, she has 5,666 followers.

Her TikTok account is not listed on her website, but she has 10,100 followers, and her videos have over 109,200 likes.

She shares different videos on her TikTok, including this content:

  • Packing orders
  • The printing process
  • Behind the scenes (how she designs things)
  • Demonstrations of her very sharable projects.

All of her designs are bright, colourful and friendly.

Why do I think it works?

Her content is very visual and “easy to like”. It is pleasing, colourful, and cheap.

🍭 Who Doesn't Love Sweets?

This next company is based in the UK and sells sweets online.

Sweet Lab Online sells Pick N’ Mix boxes straight to people’s doors.

They have 223 likes on Facebook and 575 followers on Instagram, which is very healthy for a small business.

On TikTok, they have 3,414 followers and 63,100 video likes.

On TikTok, they post videos of sweets to different “famous” TikTok songs. This video below is an example.

This video alone had 25,800 likes, 309 comments, and 27 shares. What I like about the video is that it is a straightforward way to share the products the company sells.

There are no vast production values; it is clearly filmed on the business owner’s phone.

Why do I think it works?

It is straightforward content that appeals to a broad audience. A 70-year-old loves the nostalgia of having sweets as a kid. A parent loves sweets, for themselves and their children. Anyone could imagine giving sweets as a gift. Sweets are an ageless product, so why not sell via TikTok?

🚨 In Summary:

I will share a few more small businesses I have stumbled across on TikTok once a month, and if you like this content, then let me know.

I just find it interesting to see how business owners are adapting their content to fit different social platforms, and especially in lockdown, using this fairly new platform to reach new audiences when passing trade is more limited.

And it gives you inspiration for your current clients or prospective clients - should you consider using TikTok in the future? Are you using it already? Let me know your experiences if so.

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