Small Businesses on TikTok - Part 2

TikTok is just for kids? WRONG. This is the second part of Hi Social's focus on small businesses who are using TikTok to increase website traffic, and sales.

👋 Introduction

As you most likely know, stuff is going on with TikTok.

It may or may not lose its audience as a bunch of competitors launched this week, including Reels from Instagram.

So I wanted to cram in as much TikTok content into this edition of Hi Social incase TikTok dies this month.

This is not a case study, but just a summary of the different types of businesses I have found using TikTok.

Short content formats will not die even if TikTok does, so as a freelancer or agency owner, you need to think about this type of content and how you can offer it for your clients.


🏡 Estate Agents:

Meet the Zero BS Estate Agency. It is a podcast and consulting company run by John Savage, who is also an estate agent. He produces a range of different content on TikTok and has amassed 13.6K followers and 37.4K likes on his videos.

He responds to questions his followers have about his industry. This includes people buying houses and people who want to become estate agents. This content would also work on Instagram.

Now, if you believe that TikTok is just for under 18’s, why would this account have so many followers and likes on his videos?

How many 17-year-olds do you know who are buying a house?

I mentioned it a while back about TikTok and how their audience is way more diverse than what it is given credit for. This is an example.


👕 Etsy Businesses:

The main type of e-commerce companies who use TikTok are artists and designers who hand-make things and sell on Etsy.

If you search the hashtag #smallbiz, the majority of the accounts that show up are from these types of businesses.

Below is designer Maddie Green and her company Maddie Green Designs. She has over 100,000 followers and over 1m likes on her videos. And they are not complex videos.

She shows off behind the scenes on how she designs products and every aspect of her business.


👩‍⚖️ Lawyers:

Next up we have lawyers or attorneys in the US.

Andrea is a small business lawyer in the US and is great at using TikTok to promote her business.

She posts videos that are advice to small business owners and has each screen branded with her website.

Check out here other content here.


🤔 What Do These Accounts Have In Common?

They show people, and faces. Gone are the days of faceless brands who hide behind a generic logo.

Customers want to see the humans behind the company, and this is a strategy you can use across all social media platforms for your clients, not just TikTok.

And as a marketing freelancer or agency, you need to show off the humans behind the company. What makes your customers use your services?

It is usually your experience and personality.

The product they are selling is fresh fish. So they show off where it comes from. It is not frozen from abroad, it is caught by local fisherman.


🌯 Takeaways:

In the future, I will write an in-depth article speaking to the different business owners or marketing pros, asking about their TikTok content.

What I really want to know when I speak to these people is:

Does posting on TikTok actually help your business or is it something fun for you to do?

Have you monitored new enquiries and sales coming directly from TikTok?

That will be coming in the future, if TikTok survives as a platform.

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