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Social media content for a car finance company

A Hi Social member has submitted this case study, which looks at the content production for a car financing company.

👋 Introduction

Hi all,

I am back from visiting Italy and have another case study submitted by a Hi Social member. This week, the case study focuses on a Lincoln based car finance company and the work that Daisy, a social media freelancer worked on.

📣 Meet The Small Business

Dorsia Finance is a luxury car finance brokerage who take the stress out of organising car finance by taking it out of your hands and also provide access to a wide range of funding options and the benefit of their purchasing power.

They are a Lincoln-based company but work nationwide.

Dorsia Finance were advertising for someone to look after the social media side of their business for a number of reasons.

Their business has been based on referrals which is great but they also wanted to attract new customers, establish their own brand presence and grow a following on social media as they hadn’t ever posted consistently on their channels.

Daisy got in touch and proposed working on a freelance basis for them which she has been doing for the past year.

👁‍🗨 Social Media Work:

Daisy started by doing an in-depth audit of their channels, and also looked at what their competitors were doing on social media to take learnings from them, and see what content was proving popular.

She then pulled together a strategy which gave a great starting point. A key focus was growing their new Instagram channel but we also wanted to maintain a constant presence on Facebook and Twitter and start a new business page on LinkedIn.

Daisy says,

"When you’ve got a business account it’s so important to add value to your followers and to not just sell, sell, sell so I create posts which will entertain and inform Dorsia’s followers."

Their followers are mostly car lovers and want to be kept updated with new car launches, latest news and enjoy seeing beautiful car images.

Using this content as a backbone, she then added posts which include client testimonials, information on their services and more advert style posts so followers are reminded of how the company could help them.

✍️ A Blog Too:

Daisy also set up a blog on their website to help with organic SEO and ensure that we are posting a new post at least once a month.

The blog posts are a mix of informative car finance specific posts such as why it’s beneficial to use a car finance broker and also more lighthearted posts such as the 5 most scenic drives in the UK.

This also provides Daisy with content for social to direct potential customers to the website.

🚨 The Results:

Daisy has achieved some great results for Dorsia Finance over the past year which she has highlighted below:

  • All of Dorsia Finance's channels have seen a growth in their following with the most significant being on Instagram with an increase of 323%.
  • Daisy has established a fantastic presence on LinkedIn and has grown the page from scratch to 333 followers. As a comparison, when she started posting in June 2019 they had 287 post impressions and in February 2020 we had 2.8k.
  • On Twitter, we have gone from 1,841 tweet impressions in July 2019 to 14.8k in May 2020.
  • And most importantly, our social media presence has provided numerous new business leads including one from a celebrity.

🚗 Takeaways From Daisy:

These are the key takeaways that Daisy has learnt and shared from the work she has done for Dorsia Finance.

1. Think about who your audience is

What are the audiences interests and what value can you provide?

For example, people who follow Dorsia Finance are generally interested in cars so the majority of our content focuses on providing them with information on new car launches, car events etc.

A follower is going to be put off with posts that constantly sell, so you want to serve them with content that provides value.

Getting a balance between informative posts, entertaining posts, and selling posts is key.

2. With any social media strategy it’s also important to keep checking in on your stats and understanding them so they can inform how you progress.

Daisy posted a Throwback Thursday post on Instagram with a beautiful car image and whilst this had a reach of 2.8k (which was great) and good engagement, it also didn’t have any website clicks which ultimately will result in more sales for the company.

When Daisy posted about a finance calculator on the client's website, this had less reach but far more website clicks.

It’s good to see what’s working, and which posts are helping to achieve your objectives.

📬 Takeaways From Garry:

What I want to bring your attention too is how Daisy found this client.

They were advertising a social media job. And Daisy got in touch about freelance services. This is really smart.

If you are looking for clients, do you check out job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed. If you come across a position where your services would be a good fit, email the person who is recruiting or get in touch directly with the company.

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