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User Generated Content Campaign for a kids ecommerce brand

What should you post on social media? This case study looks at a kids e-commerce brand, and the type of content they post on Instagram.

👋 Introduction

In this edition, I look at a kids clothing brand.

They are not just flogging products from China either, which is nice to see.

Read on for a case study on how to use user-generated content on Instagram.



📣 Meet The Small Business:

Little Mashers is a company based in Hastings (where I live). They are a kids clothing company who make creative interactive clothing.

Now "creative interactive clothing" sounds buzzword-y, so let me show you an example. This is not an ad for the company. I think they have unique and exciting products.

As a 27-year-old, I wish they released their products in adult sizes.

Pictured above is their creative stamp kit, which comes with different stamps and ink for t-shirts. The product allows kids to create genuinely custom t-shirts which will be one of a kind.

Their other products include a chalkboard sweatshirts and a glow in the dark range.


👫 Who Runs This?

Little Mashers was set up by husband and wife team Andrew and Clare. They have a physical store and sell to parents all over the UK via their website.

They also sell to other physical stores, including the National Trust.


🥳 Their Instagram Strategy:

Two words: User-Generated Content.

Parents love Little Mashers products.

And so do children. They love creating and wearing their products.

Authenticity is a buzzword of 2020. Brands, regardless of their size, want to be seen as authentic.

Little Mashers do this very well, by sharing photos of their actual customers.

What would you rather see as a parent on your Instagram feed? Catalogue images of their products look great, but what looks even better? Photos of their product on real customers.

📸 What To Do With That Content?

User-generated content is great for multiple things.

The company can use it for:

  1. Use it to post from the company's Instagram to show their products in the real world.
  2. Instagram Ads content. By showcasing real kids wearing the product, Little Mashers make their product more sellable as parents can imagine the product on their kids.
  3. It gives you content that you can promote across other social media platforms or your client's website.
  4. When your customer uploads it to Instagram, this is getting you in front of a new audience: THEIR FRIENDS. Their friends will most likely have children too, and by you encouraging this, it could can new organic customers, courtesy of your current customers.


🤯 How To Get That Content?

This is simple.

Ask for it. If you work with any e-commerce company, you will include a shipping note with the product.

If you design a leaflet to be included in package saying something like "share the love of your Little Mashers' product with us on Instagram", or something like that, you can encourage customers to join a community on social media and share content with you.

The user will most likely tag you, and you can repurpose this content in the different ways listed above.

User-generated content should not be a short term marketing project. It should be ongoing and added to your posting schedule on social media.

Develop a plan on how you want to reach out to customers. It could be via email, print or social media, asking them to share pics of them using the product.

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