Video testimonials for a solicitors firm

This case study looks at video testimonials for a solicitors firm in the UK, and how they made their website cool in a boring industry.

👋 Introduction

This edition of Hi Social features something different - of course, there is a case study, and I have also included an opportunity.

The newsletter has also had a fresh lick of paint.

📣 Meet The Small Business:

This week I will focus on a solicitors firm based in Cornwall named Stephens Scown.

If I was going to stereotype, solicitors are boring. I was under the impression that they just did “paperwork”, which is a rather naive way of thinking about what they do. I have had to work with different solicitors in the past, and currently right now on a work project, so that turned my attention to content that solicitors create.

Stephens Scown has 3 offices in St Austell, Truro and Exeter. They are a good medium-sized company and produce some amazing content on their website.

😏 What Type Of Content?

It’s hard to imagine myself following a solicitor on social media. When most customers, be it a business or for personal reasons, need a solicitor, they will turn to Google.

Or personal recommendations.

If I was searching for solicitors in Cornwall, I would most likely stumble across Stephens Scown’s website, with many others. Their website does not disappoint.

My favourite feature is its video hub, which features testimonials and stories from their clients. Now, these are not just clients on camera saying how great the solicitors are. Each video actually tells a story.

This is one of their clients, Paddle Logger, who developed an app for paddleboarders.

👀 What I Like About It:

The video is around 4m 30 seconds long. The first half of the video is educating the viewer about their client. Stephens Scown do not mention themselves until the final 1 minute.

The videos are not sales-y either. When watching, nothing in it screams BUY FROM US NOW. They are just sharing the client story, and what they did for this client.

There are a number of clients listed on their video hub page which show off the range of sectors that they work with.

🤷‍♂️ What Else?

Another thing I love about this company is that they are upfront about their pricing. When I was researching solicitors for this edition, I searched loads of websites in different locations, and Stephens Scown were the only one to be upfront about their pricing.

When you buy clothing online, the brand has to be upfront about how much it costs, why are so many B2B and service businesses not?

🦜 Ramblings From Garry:

What I like is that they are doing things differently.Their brand is colourful. They show off their customers. And the content they produce can be reused in so many different ways. This includes:

  • Social media content
  • Ads content for Facebook/Instagram
  • Repurpose the video into a blog.
  • A “summary” video of all the sectors that they work in.

🎁 The Opportunity:

The opportunity is solicitors. Stephens Scown is unique. Not many solicitors are doing this, which presents an opportunity. Take a look at your local area, and what solicitors are doing on social media. My guess would be not very much, and they could benefit from your services. When I started out freelancing, I did not consider solicitors as a potential audience who would require my services. That was stupid. I have a few points on why they may be a good suit for you:

  1. They usually have competition in the local area. That’s good, as they are more willing to spend on marketing to acquire customers.
  2. Small firms (under 30 staff) usually do not have a marketing employee. It could be done by an Office Manager, who lacks experience.
  3. They have budget. Their services are not cheap, and they would be willing to experiment with the types of services you offer.

That's it really.

If you are on the hunt for new customers as a social media manager, freelancer or small marketing agency, hit up solicitors. And let me know how it goes.

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