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What Does A Restaurant Post On Social Media During A Pandemic?

Restaurants have been closed throughout 2020. How has their social media strategy changed? They cannot advise customers to come in and eat with them, and this Greek restaurant started playing with the types of content they produce.

Meet The μικρό (Small) Business:

They are a Greek restaurant based in Eastbourne called Gr/eat Greek Deli and Cuisine. They serve typical Greek food like souvlaki, spanakopita and stifado.

Gr/eat is run by a family: Vicky & Vasilis and their son Stelios. Below is “Greek mini chef” Stelios. Their words, not mine.

So 2020 was rubbish for restaurants, and now as we enter Lockdown 3 in the UK, that will continue.

What this case study looks at is video content for a restaurant, in a year where they may be unpredictably closed.

The Plan:

In April 2020, Gr/eat had to close their doors. So what did they do instead?

Well, they focused on creating video content for their restaurant, with the “Greek little chef” Stelios.

They shared Greek recipes that people could cook at home, hosted on their Facebook page.

And the videos went viral (well locally, anyway). Each video had around 5K views, with locals sharing it with their audience and on local groups.

Why Is It Important?

Well, whilst every other restaurant was focusing on surviving, Gr/eat focused on brand awareness.

I usually hate the term brand awareness, because it can be so ambiguous and cover a lot of sins.

What I mean in this case study by brand awareness is simply: more people in the local area of Eastbourne will learn about the restaurant, the kind of food they offer and why they should visit in the future.

By running these videos with real, authentic content, it has turned this Greek mini chef into a local influencer.

My favourite thing about these videos:

They also stick to the restaurant’s values. The couple set up the restaurant because Eastbourne was lacking an authentic Greek restaurant. They are selling authenticity.

By producing these videos, they are sharing their authentic recipes with the town and show off they are truly a family business, by putting Stelios into the spotlight.

What Next?

The family got back on camera, this time with a brand deal. Which is crazy.

Barratt Homes are a house builder.

They wanted a creative way to show off their new homes, and so after watching the videos from Gr/eat, they enlisted the family to visit their show homes and film content in their show homes.

Barratt Homes then posted these videos on their social media with a paid ad budget behind it.

So Why Am I Going On About This Greek Family?

I love the creative content they post. That’s it. It’s really simple, but fun.

Their videos are not overproduced, and just filmed on a phone.

They have expanded their prospective customer base just from investing in video, and taking a risk with the type of content that they produce.


If you work with a family restaurant, this is a recipe for success.

Film some creative content and share it organically. You could even add some ad spend for further reach.

It will make local people remember who you are when they are going back out to restaurants again.

October 22, 2020
Garry James
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