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Can I Feature?


You must be a freelance marketing professional, a small marketing agency or a marketing pro at a small business.
That's You?


Each case study follows a fairly standard format. If you try and cover the sections below.
Meet The Client:
A few sentences about the client or small business, introducing the audience to them. This could also include an image.
What They Wanted:
Why did the client contact you? What work do they want done?
Summary of the Work:
What did you end up doing for the client?
Do you have any screenshots, cuttings, images or videos of the work you did for this client?
What did you achieve for the client?
Key takeaway points for the readers. This is the most important section, and you should share insights and why you think the work did or did not work.
That's it really.

Once you have this information you can email me on and we can have a chat about your case study.

I may ask you some follow up questions too.